Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cheap Car Insurance Online

With oil prices on the increase predominantly in the Middle East, it is having a serious knock on effect to the price of petrol. In the UK petrol is currently almost GBP 1.00 per litre, and in some rural towns it exceeds this price.

NHS vs insurance

I am sick. There have been a lot of nasty viruses being passed around lately and now it is my turn. It's nothing more than a bad cold, but it does want to make me do nothing more than curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a book.

Fortis Insurance and PMC body repairs

On Friday evening we stopped at a roundabout because cars were already on it and a careless driver rammed our stationary Suzuki in the rear, causing extensive damage.

Car insurance

Get accurate car insurance quotes in minutes. We provide auto insurance quotes for all 50 states! We offer a convenient way to comparison shop for auto insurance.

Insurance Quotes

This is pretty handy I've used a similar one in the past but I don't think its covered quite as many insurers as Quote Zone do, which is 50.

Audit: LI garbage agency paid dead workers’ insurance

Audit: LI garbage agency paid dead workers’ insurance Newsday - HEMPSTEAD, NY (AP) _ A government garbage-collection agency’s finances were so messy that it paid health-insurance premiums for retirees who had died as long as three years ...


Whitsundays Insurance companies general and commercial insurance listings.

Protect Yourself Against Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance fraud scams are designed to force policyholders into paying higher premiums on costly claims for the benefit of the scammer.

Compare Insurance In The UK

Home Insurance UK. Here is a great site for those of you in the UK. Quotezone allows you to compare insurance quotes on many different types of insurances.

Insurance for college students

If you have a college student, you're probably aware of just how much they bring with them to school each semester. Many items like laptops, TVs, and iPods can be expensive. So, how can you protect these valuables?